The Victory of the Shrieking

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We watched them closely as they huddled in the prison cell. They were always waiting, waiting for something elusive; we knew not what. As they sat, peering blindly into the darkness, seeing only their own imagined fantasies and horrors, they were aware.

Yes! They were all too aware! Aware that it was not they who were the prisoners, aware that it was not they who would face the onrushing Silence and cry out for lack of defences and means of escape! O, though they stared long into that darkness, it was we who were blind!

But I have gone once more ahead of myself, ahead of my place, ahead of my thoughts, just as I once impetuously flew through the insubstantial aethers and dreamt I saw meaning. A time of folly - as have been all our times! What we then wrought was only a handful of dust cast upon the fickle winds. But that we could alter what has transpired, perhaps all could be undone -


All could not.

All is fixed. All is set, immutable though lying Time would tell us otherwise. We are slaves to it; we would have been slaves to it; such shall all forever be. No longer have we hope, that deceitful monster. No longer have we fear, that consuming impulse. No longer, no longer. What a laughable thing it is to stare into the core of a star and think it bright! What impossibility, to think!

O! We have been betrayed. All was revealed; all shall be remade!