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The scientists experimented with the inner workings of the human mind. They wanted to know why we only use 10 percent of our brains, and what the other 90 percent are for. They attempted to turn the human mind into a computer, and the computer into a human mind, but this practice was forbidden by the Creator of the mind for a reason. Much of the percentage that did not register as used was indeed used for human memories, much like a hard drive on a computer. Another very small percent was left unused on abilities that would be considered supernatural.

These abilities were inherited from the aliens that inbred with the human species before the flood of Noah. Abilities like mind-reading, astral projection, telekinesis, thought broadcasting, and clairvoyancy. These abilities lay unused for the reason that overusing them could lead to degradation of essential human functions such as emotion, logic, empathy, distance perception, spirituality, body image, memory, and conscience, as well as awareness of surroundings.

But the human species was not sufficiently evolved when the first alien invasion came, for their brains to handle the gifts that the aliens wanted to bring them. The aliens had been warned by the Supreme One before they left to avoid inbreeding with the humans, but they were disobedient. When they were disobedient, the light that was in them turned to darkness. Humans would never be the same again.

When the scientists tried to find out the knowledge of the human mind, the more they probed, the more sicknesses of the mind they found. Sometimes, the medications they would use seemed to make things worse rather than better, so that different medications had to be used. They were stymied, until one day space travel permitted them to make contact with the alien species from which the unauthorized invaders had come. The alien species attempted to heal the human species, but instead the human species ended up destroying itself, from its own greed and from human nature.

The prophets had attempted to warn the human species, but the leaders were blinded by their own greed, and would stop at nothing to get what they wanted.