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~ Nerd42 on The Answer, after thinking about the matter deeply, so you might say that The Answer was a product of Deep Thought.

“Why? Because of The Reason.”

An answer is a statement followed by a question, unless that question was followed by an answer from a previously stated question, asked from a first statement. Which brings up a good question: Is the answer to a question a statement made from the answer to that question? Or, is the statement an answer made from a first question randomly brought up in a quiet room? Which brings up another question: If that room was not quiet would the answer to that question be a statement depending on if the two people could hear each others statements over the noise of the room? If one of the people in the conversation's name was Dave, would his answer to the question result in a different statement because people named Dave usually say witty things? If they were conversing within a tepee, alone, with nobody around, does the tepee make a sound?

The answers to all of these questions are statements unless those answers are followed by another statement which happens to be a question because I said so. Which brings up an interesting question: If the answer to a question is a question, was the answer to the first question caused by a statement or a question. Or possibly, if your feeling lucky, another question. Some of these answers and questions can never end. With every question there is an answer, with every answer there is a statement, and with every statement there is a question.

Thank you.

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