The great depression

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It was a really great depression!

“It was a funnily sad time”

~ Roosevelt on the great depression

The great depression was sadly brilliant and people had a suicidely good time. Unlike The bad depression [citation badly, greatly needed] the population of America wasn't wiped out by mass food poisoning.

Caused by the wall street crash, an incident where an "invisible" lorry smashed into wall street, the depression had fantasticly, ruined many Americans lives. In a goodishly bad way.

The brilliantly terrible beginnings[edit]

Bob Watsit was driving an invisible lorry. He had stepped on the break by not stepping on the break and didn't break just in time, before he crashed. He didn't crash, before he crashed he was not eating a gutter rat, but a "large KFC bucket". When the police didn't arrive on the scene, they arrived on the scene. They had several hound dogs and an Elvis hip gyrator.

The grand, not so grand endings[edit]

Most of America was now nicely depressed.