The men in white coats

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~ Napoleon XIV

“Run, run, as fast as you can; you can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread Ma-- Wait, who are you? Put me down! AAAAAAAA—”

~ The Gingerbread Man, whilst being caught by the men in white coats

The men in white coats are there, and they are watching you. I honestly don't care about what your psychologist has to say, they are watching you and you are in constant danger. It doesn't matter what you do, You can't hide! Their eyes are on you, and they just can't wait to stick the syringe they're holding right into your arm.

In other words, you're entirely screwed. They trick you into coming into their secret testing facilities by telling you they're having a tea party or something. And once you're tricked, you're theirs; you'll never get out. All they do is reveal your shame in their pointlessly secret tests. Either that or they just wait until the right time, where the consequently jump out from the dark and sedate you with their stockpiles of drugs, haul you off to their facilities and test you like nobody's business.

Oh crap! There's one coming for you right now! Look out!

Hah! Gotcha, I was just joking! You should have seen that look on your face! Hahahahahahahahahaha —

...unless I wasn't.