Theories of Cataplasm

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There are many Theories of Cataplasm. Some are theoretical, some are impractical. So, for practice, it is highly important to ruminate on this incredibly meowing subject. Ah, yes, as you come to know it, it begins to meow to you. Slowly at first, but then all the more intensely. Sooner or later, you find meowage echoing through your head all the time! I should know. Those are some very fine meows, by the way. Fine enough to make it worthwhile taking your time and gorycatizing them!

Ah, yes, the theories. And concretes. Let's not forget the concretes, vicious enemies as they are! Enemies of the glorious subject of Cataplasm. Mwehehehe!

Cat plasma[edit]

Plasma of cats, yes. They are in fact capable of firing vast beams of plasma at just about anything. Including economics. Leading to the forming of cataplasmic systems.

Catapulted plasma[edit]

Yes, those cats are clever creatures, you know. Perfectly capable of constructing catapults to do their bidding. It's even in the name, for Nose's sake!

Cat plastic[edit]

Aieee! They are developing modern technology; these ogry cats even seem to have entered the business of manufacturing plastic! Which they then sell on the flea markets forming under their cataplasmic systems.

Catapulted plastic[edit]

Oh, no, they are taking over the world! Quick, somebody do something before the vicious, horrible cat-shaped plastic rains down upon us all!