There is no fork

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I thought I already stated this unclearly, or perhaps my vision is blurry. In the visible! Well anyway, the point is saying "there is no spoon" gives you infinite mana! but you lose the "Spoon" item from your inventory. Not only that, but the spoon is *wheeze* STAINLESS STEEL!


Yup, there is no spoon. There is no stainless steel spoon, to be exact. But I am not exact, I am looking for my spoon. Have you seen it?

I swore I'd left it near that fork. Not really, that was a lie. Hey, the fork! I found it!

Meaning there is a fork, but then that's self contradiction... ooh. I think that was a knife, now that you think about it, cause it was spiked.

Or maybe it was a mace, NO WAIT, you don't eat maces, do you? But I heard they're good for the bones, er... teeth and whatnotsoever. The point is, there is no spoon.

No wait, There is no spoon. But there is no fork either. At least I found this stainless steel knife and mace, so that's good.

Hey look, a fork.


What oxymoron?

No pun intended.