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Exactly. I bet you're tempted to press that little button, "Delete". Go on, I dare you. In this, your pressing it right now, probably. First, maybe you should stop being such a lazy bastard and fix this article? You can't, you're repelled. You see that your short attention span means that you're still reading this paragraph. You can't delete this article. But you can edit it. You can edit it.
* Click *
And that's all. You see that the reference to "deleting" this article. over here, above me. You see another button next to it, called "protect". You see it's staring at you, asking if you want to prevent editing. You would defeat the point. You would stop other users from making this article better. You then eye yourself on the "delete" button again. You see it lurking over you, as you read this text. You feel bad about yourself. But then you notice the long-forgotten "edit" button. You click it. * Click *

That's better. You now feel good over yourself, as you are reading this in edit mode. you then notice that you're probably not, so you go over it and click it. That's better. You then notice, one more time, the "Delete" button. It's now too tempting. * Click *


........Or is it?

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