Toni Braxton

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“Dark child, yeah!


Born on October 07, 1967, she is a great R&B singer. She is certainly a good pick for the Flying Spaghetti Monster as High Prophetess. She is talented, beautiful. Just the type of female R&B singer who would do great for Pastafarianism. However, the Ancient of Noodles has already made His choice for High Prophetess. Certainly, her TV show, Braxton Family Values is great. We can always expect another sad, happy, joyful, and even funny love song from Toni.

For those who can't handle the real truth, the spinners of fake truth at Wikipedia have a thoroughly boring article on Toni Braxton.

The Tamia spoof[edit]

The Tamia song I Love Me Some Hitler, featuring Adolf and the Hitlers is a slap in the face by Tamia for Toni. It p**sed Toni and her whole family off. Toni doesn't mind spoofs, but evil Tamia went too far, with her stupid evil shenanigans.