Top 100 Reasons why 1337yB1rd's copy of Tony Hawk Underground doesn't work on PiddlerOfTrouser's PS2

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So, me and PiddlerofTrousers are friends irl, so he said "rofl bring tony dank underground plznt (don'tnt)." So, like the good friend that I am, I replied "ROFL K I WILL". But, when I brought it over, and we attempted to play, well, Fuck it here's the Top 100 reasons why PiddlerOfTrouser's PS2 can't properly run Tony Hawk.

  1. Government Regulations.
  2. Radiohead.
  3. His PS2 was very high at the time.
  4. This Passage Does Not Exist::/ TONY DANK & BAM MARGERA
  5. The Uncle who works for Nintendo didn't approve.
  6. GTA 5's PC Port was delayed by two years.
  7. Meme Master Shia LaBeouf seems to have misplaced his dank!
  8. Gaben was mad at us console peasants. (XY007: Peasants? I always thought of it the other way.)
  9. We are impatient adolescents.
  10. It is a celestial sign saying that PiddlerOfTrousers needs to buy a PS4.
  11. We have never considered the fact that maybe we put the disk in the console upside down.