Twenty Øne Piløts

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Twenty Øne Piløts are no mathematicians or physicists. They are not even chemists. They don't even look like pilots (although you shouldn't stereotype people, but they are clearly only two guys, so they obviously can't even perform the most basic operation in mathematics).

If they were physicists or chemists, they would know what physics or chemistry is. They would not mistake a property of matter (that is not the quintessential property of matter) for a kind of matter, and in the latter case, would not try to sip on straight chlorine. It has a really low boiling point, so it's a gas at room temperature and a liquid at an even lower temperature. In order to sip it, you would need to risk hypothermia or fill up a room with it, causing certain asphyxiation. Then you would need to be put in a dakhma, if you are Zoroastrian.

So in conclusion,

“Juice. Ravioli. Yee. Ravioli. Lol what. Ravioli. Josh Dun. Ravioli.”

~ Still a better love song than what Twenty Øne Piløts write

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