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Dis-disclaimer (Claimer)[edit | edit source]

This page was started off by a CI2, and like all Dumdums you must recite the CI2 code before even looking at the secrets of the CI2… SO let us start.

“I, a mindless seer of fake knowledge love pie. Pie is good; Pie is the meaning of life and is also the reason why I might think that this oath is really random. IT IS NOT! Pie is the very heart of all donkeys even the mayor of our home planet (If which I knew about then I would have to kill myself) believes in its great power (but not the Dlobs, what’s up with that?). I also acknowledge the three fundamental laws of pie:

1. A piece of pie stays a piece of pie until some fat guy with an afro eats it

2. If pie is ever eaten with cheese the world will face the apocalypse

3. If pie is eaten with a tasty source of happiness (mainly more pie (or butter (especially those tasty brands (but pie would still do (unless you don’t like your pie with more pie))))) then whosoever ate the pie shall be blessed by the gift of obesity, especially when the eater is already fat in which law one states.

I swear to be loyal to all pieces of pie and all CI2, if I ever anger a CI2 then I will have my ears blended and then mixed with juice (and not the tasty type) and it shall be fed to me with chopsticks. Whenever I say ‘Nixonvongarthnix’ I shall always remember to think of pie, I will then take of my hat, and nose. I have now recited the code of the CI2 and shall repeat it another 333 times unless I am a cheater and ignore this huge waste of my life in which I am still wasting more… and more… and more… and more… and more… and more… and more… and more… and more… and more… and more… and more… and more… and more… and more…”

When you read our article you shall be one of us

What Are we[edit | edit source]

We are CI2.

Okay, we'll try to get it through your mental head, "WE" not "I" are the CI2 we want to rule all, like our mayor said:

"We want to rule pie, love pie and eat pie this is the goal of the CI2" -- Vince Mcmahon

How to Rank a CI2[edit | edit source]

Ok, well, there are many different types of CI2, all ranging from sad hobo all the way to happy hobo!

If you want to see what the rank of a CI2 is then follow this step to step guide for your enjoyment:

1. Go to this page: [[1]]

2. Play a few games

3. If you like them and you want to play more then do so

4. After you have wasted your time then visualise the CI2 that you want to rank

5. If he is wearing a pirate hat and has only two teeth then he is ranked Sad little hobo

6. If he is wearing a pirate hat and has only three teeth then he is ranked little hobo

7.If he is wearing a pirate hat and has only four teeth then he is ranked hobo lucky enough to have more than three teeth

8.If he is wearing a pirate hat and has five (note that I removed the "only") teeth then he is ranked Shabalabadaba

9.If he is wearing a pirate hat and has six (Bobo) teeth then he is ranked Squirrel

10.If he is wearing a pirate hat and has seven (Timmy Youhog) teeth then he is ranked Your mum

11.If he is wearing a pirate hat and has more than ten (I like pie) teeth then he is ranked Happy Hobo

12. If he is funny then he must be ranked Dlob

Like they say in Choboco:

"Thanks for letting us waste your time" -- CI2

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About our favourite Pastimes[edit | edit source]

How do we waste our own time you ask? Then look below.......................

Dlobbing[edit | edit source]

First and foremost, Dlobbing was created by CI2*Jebidiah* the founding father of what is now New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New Piemore. Now for the facts:

What is "DLOBBING?

Dlobbing is the national sport of our homeplanet (If I told you it's name I'd be skewered with a cat, it doesn't hurt but it is hell annoying! So we'll now talk about something other than Pietopia). It's easy, all you need is some victim, follow these step to successfully Dlob

1.Get your victim and skewer him with a cat

2.Then skewer the cat with a smaller cat

3.Rest your legs on top of the skewered victim's head and drink some tea with ll your friends alod chap

4.Laugh at the bleeding wictim and smile at his pain

5.After smiling fry a scone and eat it

6.Think about pie (How unununsurprising)

7.Eat pie until you burst

8.Repeat steps 1-8

9.This game is a waste of your time and realise this

10.Note that you can't have reached this far unless you are an absolute retard who can't even read and follow Steps 1-8

"ONE OF US" -- CI2
WTF? Why can't I reach step nine? -- CI2*Retardo*
"Yay me do step 12!" -- CI2*Absolute Retard*

Why do we Dlob?

Hey, Its Fun!

What's the point?


What other games do you freaks Play?

Just read on...

Eating Pie[edit | edit source]

It's Simple!

How to eat pie Just read this: The three laws of Pie

I like pie[edit | edit source]


How to Be US[edit | edit source]

Why are we here[edit | edit source]

As you can tell, we are not from your planet, so why do people think that we're from New Jersey? We want to rule all Net pages, first we tried Uncyclopedia, but thier standards are way too HIGH!!! Those Bs, so we came here and life is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, we eat Dlobs and Illogicopedia are full of them, we like to rule web pages as you can clearly tell, and we are very random. Soon, after we eat, spit out and eat again Illogicopedia, we shall invade another website, our souces tells us that google is pretty exciting. Tell us, IS THIS TRUE?

"ONE OF US" -- CI2
When you read this you shall be one of us