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Squirrels Yay!!!!!!


I like squirrels[edit | edit source]

I like squirrels, because they're cute and fuzzy and they gruesomely chopped my enemies to bloody bits huggled me and let me pat their adorable little heads.

What is a squirrel?[edit | edit source]

A squirrel is a fuzzy, small, and very worshipable creature that eats nuts and spreads diseases. It has an unexplained long tail, which actually picks up programs from BBC. It has big, black eyes which look like they were glued on there. Squirrels also have a habit of chainsawing all those who dare oppose it being the most cute, innocent little rodents it's phsically possible for them to be.

Squirrels in the media[edit | edit source]

There is a squirrel wearing a spacesuit in that fish show, SquareJim. A squirrel is one of the fuzzy creatures in The Happy Tree Friends. ǢǣØųųŴðÞƏùŝŞæ is the first Squirrel too ever live, reproducing by little babies popping out of his head (much like Zeus and Athena)

squirrels have on many occasions also appeared in media playing with corpses.

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