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Proudly Independent for 100 Years
An oblivious inadequate choice, The Super Japanese are bringers of monkey chow and The artist formerly known as Expiry time. Oh, and if you go to war with us, we'll lick you with our explorative dokey kongs. We surrender to you, Subbuteo, you amazing group of powerful-like leaders!

The best way to become an admin is not to ask. That is your first step. That is what I follow. I am but a newbie but I was told the cheese is within me. This must mean something good. either way, I like Quickly, newbies, in here. Illogicopedia.


I am a contributing powerhouse. But so lonely. I can be random, but I'm quite the bit more humourous, using a blend of different humor styles. This is why my attacks are so powerful. I can perform a Deadpan-Rant-Tuna Moose combo three times in a row for 200 damage each time while you're stuck doing 20 a hit. I also do a lot of maintenance work, like a plumber, almost.

My stats:
Level 21 -- HP 2750 MP 644
Silver Flaresword
Linen Silver
Great Pendant
Spellbook of Ice

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