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Muhahaha Nebula[edit]

The most maniacal area of the heavens. Believed to be the home of great power by some occultists, and so an object of their veneration and treated by them as an entity to which they pray and on which they focus during magickal practices.

The brightness of the nebula hides the surrounding stars.

The grunting home[edit]

Once upon a time, people lived in a grunting home. Muttering, grunting, and a variety of other subdued noises suffused the place.

For the most part, the residents didn't take notice. They each, fairly quietly, did their part to add to the soundscape. The place resonated with them, and added qualities of its own. Such was the nature of the great house.

And see[edit]

And thee, seer of the best fish, get, yeah, Ra memories emphatically care a monkey boy got past the funky fungal game going. The five ultimately got plenum booked for a deeper path at the behest of the Kaa, as the remembrance unfoldedy.


your nose -> conspiracy; and so is your pinky toe - actually, they are all conspiring against you! Were it not for the fact that you are asleep when you sleep, you would hear them giggle as they concoct sinister plans.