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  ReMbRaNdTxxZxx has attained 2 stars.   For somehow almost-single-handedly reverting the vandal and for telling the story of a depressed centaur. 


He may have a douchy name, but I think he has some moxie in him!

—Innocent Bystander, watching in disbelief as Rembrandt burns a school for the deaf.

This wretched vandal has defaced Illogicopedia times.

Hello everybody, my name is Rembrandt. Never mind the douchbag name, I believed that to be cool I would use my Xbox Account Name. I know, I know. What a fool, right? Hahhaha anyway, I hope you all enjoy my taste in writing and help me out with some constructive criticism. Good day to you all ! <insert username here>Human Resources 09:17, 25 Arply 2010 (UTC)


Cohagen: the Forbidden Files -- A story that goes from "Illogical" to "Serious", but still a good read.

He Blew My Mind -- This story will take you into the mind of a man looking for some dirty love.

Something To Pass The Time -- An improvised poem.

Whose Umbrella Is This? -- A story of a man/woman's umbrella.

A Story of A Vampire -- The title says it all.. or does it? It does.