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Sk8r's Last Stand[edit]

Okay, THIS is the last account I will create here. I forgot my password to both Illogicopedia and GMail, and the security question to GMail. Which is odd since I had it tattood to my forehead so I could see it in the mirror. But I typed what I had on my forehead, "htimS," as my mother's maiden name, and I kept getting an error. Hmm.. Really odd. Anyway. My current password is PASSWORD, so maybe that will help. Wish me luck! ~I'm Paige Avril Swift, and I approve this message. Paissum.JPG 23:42, 30 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)



This is me.

My body on Halloween when I had a wig on. I didn't want you to see my face 'cause I had some crazy makeup on. And because it's not really me.

Steven Tyler[edit]





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You Know What You Are?[edit]

You are nothin but a straight dongleing stapler. So just go dongle a stapler, ya straight stapler!

I'm sorry, I was being a stapler. I'll stop dongleing you and let you get back to your stapler. Bye!

You Know What I Am?[edit]

I'm Sk8R Grl. You are on my land. I charge $966,548 a second rent, so leave your credit card, social security number, birth certificate, penis size, and any other necisary info in my mailbox.

I am a straight dongle-ing stapler. I am also a bad spellre, but a very good ninja. Don't you dare talk to me about it!! Or I'll dongle you! I swear I will! Also, I have a stapler and like to dongle. Well, I am straight, so I best go dongle. Enjoy your stay here!

P.S. While reading this message, you have racked up $1,456,454,654,619,875,654,566,515,800,454,610.69 in rent charges. THANKS!

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