Vegetarian quote of the day

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“I'm no vegetarian, but I'll eat a vegetarian”

If you want to look at these pictures of carrots, go somewhere else will you? Like Portugal or somewhere like that.

Spinach bowls and some footballs laid out on your brothers table[edit]

Coming up a spoonful of salt and greens! But first lets take trip sight...

These mushy bricks are excellent for gums, they make my tongue go numb but its worth money from my bucket if its going to work as well. Like bones they is.

Go into the basement and search for a pole the size of an office apartment. Thats it. Now shorten it into this box of guns. Well done. You've won the noble peace prize for communism.

I picked my way up a hill today. Came back with a swollen arm.[edit]

The size doesn't matter its what it looks like that matters. Its what it isn't that makes it what it is. I saw that quote farted on a canvas. It looks mediocre and might be included in a second by second account. At my grace and honour I would hold it and give no one a bit of my vegetables.