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“And thus spake the Demogouge in the midst of his reactionary Disciples.”

~ Some textbook within the next 10 years


“All in all, you're just another brick in the wall.”

~ The dark sarcasm in the classroom

“But Mexico ain't paying a single peso for that, so guess who'll end up paying for it in the end?”

~ Taxpayers

Ah, the ever-so divisive subject of that wall. The walls of sound it generates from the opposing sides are enough to drown out the sounds of reality itself, and if you even dare as to speak about it in virtually any setting, you'll be driven up a wall. To passionately defend or denounce the wall would spark a balls-to-the-wall rebuttal from the other side.

My apartment has walls. The room you're sitting in as you read this very sentence has walls. Or not, if you're outside.

But what's so wrong about building a wall full of grasshoppers!?

Oh, no. Here it comes.[edit | edit source]

DON'T YOU KNOW HOW AWESOME AND DELICIOUS THOSE GREEN LITTLE FUCKERS ARE!? If we build a freaking wall full of grasshoppers, then virtually anybody can grab one and eat the literally-living hell out of that thing! The American populous will rejoice in UNITY when they have been treated to this criminally underrated delicacy fit for the hungry homeless masses! Yeah!

But...[edit | edit source]

Then mekicans can do it too and then snuggle drukQs.

That album ain't illegal in the United States![edit | edit source]

Furthermore, it's actually not groups of minorities that are the largest consumers of illegal drukQs, it's Caucasians of differing economic backgroundz!!!!!!!!!11