Where did All this Cheese come from and Why has Nobody Yet Eaten It?

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Seriously, what's with all the cheese?

I opened my refrigerator and what did I see? It was full of cheese. I tried to pour a glass of milk but cheese came out. I tried to pour a glass of wine but bits of cheese came out instead.

I went upstairs and what was under my sheets in my bed? In MY bed? Mine bed? Cheese. LOTS of cheese. It stuck to the sheets. I tried to sleep in it and it didn't work.

I went outside and my lawn was full of the stuff. Absolutely full of it, and it was still there even after I put ash in my eyes.

I drove exactly 45 miles and got out of the car, and there was a piece of cheese on the side of the road!

I climbed a very tall mountain, and there it was! A piece of freshly sliced cheese!

Where did it all come from ? Why has nobody yet eaten any of it ?