Why Mormons Write The Most Kickass Science Fiction Ever

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The fact is, Mormons tend to write the most kickass science fiction ever, in the history of everything. There are a ton of science fiction franchises with Mormon authorship or influences including Battlestar Galactica, Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game and The Matrix. There are also the god-awful Twilight books, but we won't talk about them.

Understandably, Mormons reading the title of this piece may be feeling insulted and others may be feeling somewhat skeptical of the assertion that the Mormon doctrines are kickass. Well, that is missing the point by reading too much in to the title. The term, "science fiction" is here meant literally, as in, actual science fiction that is offered as science fiction, not religious doctrines or beliefs.

However, an argument could be made for Mormon theology being kickass as well. After all, Mormon films and paintings have taught us that every single male figure in the entire Book of Mormon, without exception, is totally ripped.[1] I don't know what sort of gym or exercise program they had in the city of Zarahemla, but please, sign me up.

Even apart from that, the Mormon worldview seems to do an amazing job at developing personalities that, from a young age, are prepared to think outside normal, mainstream expectations or conventions. Also, let's face it, there are science fictionesque elements in their actual beliefs. If you're a really good Mormon then you get your own planet when you die which you get to populate with your spirit babies, presumably fathered on your polygamous wives or something to that general effect. And after all, who doesn't want their own planet? That's pretty kickass.

However, it's not so much that Mormons think outside the box. It's more like they just happen to think inside a different box.