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Really, winthorpe?

"Finally, an article all about me, how great is this?" "Really Winthorpe"

Article relating to Winthorpe[edit]

Really, Winthorpe?


F*** off, Winthorpe. Cheese=MCMoo!!!

Really, Winthorpe?

Really, Winthorpe?


Fuck off, Winthorpe.




When interviewed, Winthorpe said:

"I looked under my doormat and found a mango and started screaming at it even though mangos have no ears"

This obviously shows that, as usual, Winthorpe was not listening, and the other robot dude doesn't listen either. All he says is Really, Winthorpe? Really, Winthorpe? Fuck off, Winthorpe.

So, the interview didn't go too well, as Winthorpe was not listening, and he wanted to strike up a conversation on how finding mangos under doormats is annoying.

WHO IS WINTHORPE!!!!!!!!![edit]

No SRSLI who the hell is winthorpe.

Tell me here plz1!!!

Really Winthorpe? --Testostereich(ballsack) 08:10, 3 Novelniver 2007 (UTC)

No, not really, Winthorpe, you should know I was joking, Winthorpe! You ass! WINTHORPE! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME!!!!

This is what happens when you are annoying, like Winthorpe. Really, Winthorpe?