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Wrosm. Wmors. "Smrow."

Worms in History[edit]

In the Third Age of Piccolo, Chuck Norris rode a worm to the planet Kamek on his quest for the sixth Dragonball of the eighth reincarnation. This proved to be a tactical blunder and Super Saiyans appeared on supersonic hyper-worms. The worms made battle and four years, sixty episodes later one of the Saiyans' worms died of heroine overdose. The battle continued for another twenty episodes.

Finally Chuck Norris arrived in Kamek where he made battle with more Saiyans. Goku then appeared on a giant super-worm and managed to implode Chuck Norris' worm by utilizing spirit energy and Kame-ha-meha.

However Freeza implanted a time bomb inside Kamek and programmed it to go off in only ten episodes. Goku and Norris realized they had to work together so they joined forces in opening a time portal to Kau. However, Gohan accidentally teleported right in front of them and got torn to pieces. Goku, in tears, used the Dragonballs to bring him back to life, angering Freeza since it destroyed the time portal. With only two episodes to go, Freeza did the unthinkable and paralyzed Goku inside a crystal cocoon that was unbreakable for fifteen episodes. Goku died and the next 400 episodes were spent in looking for the Dragonballs all over again.

The Legacy of the Worms[edit]

Worms have had a profound legacy on the world.

The Legacy of the Worms[edit]

Worms have left almost no legacies.

Worms as a Popular Dish[edit]

Worms, if boiled correctly, can be made into a very tasty meal. In Mexico, worms are often put into stus and cooked in pots. yay

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