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“You are me and I am you”

~ Johannes Lenin

“Remember, You is quick! with a little brain.”

~ Dr. N Word
“You have a:
  1. Big Mouth, and a;
  2. Very little brain.”


~ Cuphead on every comment section[big fat lie]
Hello <insert name here>, I'm a kernel. What are you? I'm bored of being purple. Are you yet?

You are here.

If you click here, however, you will be there, not here. Ironic, isn't it?

You, are an absolute stupidity. You, like 5 out of the 7 people living, are just some unimportant fool like any other grunt.

I suggest you go run yourself!

Come to think of it, you won't even be you any more. You'll just be there, at here. But not at you.

That's just plain creepy! As opposed to not-so-plain creepy, which at least isn't plain, though nonetheless just as creepy.

Plain reminds me of plantains.

Which must no doubt be the work of them! Watch out for they, them are not to be trusted, unlike “jesus” our loving holy saviour

Praise the lord!

Time magazine[edit | edit source]

In 2006 Time voted you person of the year. Because you're worth it.

Funny, because they had to take a picture of everybody alive in the world and stuff it onto the front page. It looked like a multi-coloured soufflé that would make a fashionable hat. Dingle dongle bingle diddle dee.

You do not exist

You do not exist you may claim you exist because you are reading this but you are just a figment of a nonexistent dimension called the truth but you can not prove it you can not do anything about that. You may think with your nonexistent brain that there is truth but there is a country called Djibouti so your nonexistent argument was made invalid by a farting monkey eating plastic fruits on an upside-down table on a computer mouse.

Definition of You[edit | edit source]

From the suicidal delinquents' dictionary (Nth Edition):

You [yoo]
  1. Ugly; scary face
  2. Stupid
  3. Not a person; alien
  4. Wart; pimple; zit; gross
  5. Fat; obese; overweight; fatter than the sun

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