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“Many still believe that aliens are miniature pigs”

~ Twatty Mctwatt on aliens
When aliens high-five, their bones break so much.

An alien is somebody who lives in a foreign country, although this name is often confused with a person who lives on another planet. Famous people who are aliens include Sting, Michael Jackson and Super Mario.

A leen is like an alien but has infinitely more lard.

Aliens exist. Why else would realism be an anagram of Raëlism? Checkmate creationists!

As of the year 2.016 E 3, the leading proposal as to protecting ourselves from the intergalactic carebear menace was to build a wall. This idea was spearheaded by the illustrious count Donald Trump, a high ranking member in the council of illuminati posers. However, his insistance that the wall be triangular resulted in the great depression of 1929 BC, and the near destruction of the democratic republic of Ebay.

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