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Zombies, eh? Yeah, actually I led a group of four unknown strangers through a horde of zombies wunce. Fun it was.

Come to suck blood he has, not mine doe, yours thankyew very much. Zombie. HEHE lol. Hmm... can I stop writing this now zombie overlord? Yes? Oh, OK no. I get it. Forksake.

Zombies are very stupid, even more stupid than me which is quite unbelievable ain't it? I like milk. Warm milk.

OH NOES WARM MILK! Anyways it will all end up with us just having a good time with the zombies and stuff. Be good. Oh and we can have tuna an sweetcorn on toast, mmm. I'm wun hungry guy, think I'll bite my arm off. MMM itsh nishe. Chomp chew chomp chew mmm, nishe. Choke, gag, coff!


Bit of indigestion there but I seemed to come through, anyway here's the weather for today[edit | edit source]

Thanks, Bill. Yes, the weather will be godawful.

“Bloobledeebloobledeeblobbledesnookums, Humpacrossing”

~ beepodydoo pn fee fi fluntor

Combine harvester will sort that out.