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Fun is a generic term applied to pursuits that have little constructive meaning and only serve to satisfy the individual(s) concerned. Quiet at the back there!

Having fun is discouraged as it may lead to overactive pleasure glands. And we all know what that leads to now, don't we?

“Er, the Teletubbies?”

~ Kid

Incorrect! You have been having too much fun watching television, child. Detention!

“Aw, can I not have my tea first?”

~ Kid

No, you insufferable urchin! Write 100 times on the blackboard: "I must not eat food because it can be fun".

'Fun' things[edit | edit source]

A brief list of things that are considered 'fun' by some:

FUN![edit | edit source]

Ehm, Ehm, *Cough* *Cough*

  • F is for friends who do stuffs together
  • U is for u and me
  • N is for NEwhere and anytime at all!
  • Down here in the deep blue sea!

wait, this is not fun. and Illogical.

  • F is for Fire that burns down the whole town.
  • U is for URANIUM...BOMBS!
  • N is for No survivors when you're-

waitwaitwaitwait. this is not illogical! everyone will expect it!

(ehem) I'll show you how to fun In ?pedia.

  • F is for fnurdle that sam wave melon jammy
  • U isaio fo rj ushnasalk thuas ifeop sd kl]
  • N is for HAHA! BANANAS! and OoOoOOoo
  • Down? Up? No! Left! In? Out? inside Out the Light Heave Yellow See Eye Belly!


  • It's totally FUN!

I don't get it. it's just a random words put together.

  • THAT'S ?pedia.

I'm outta here!

  • Huh, guess he is Sane.
  • Doesn't matter!
  • F is for Fnurdletoot cuz why not jemmi
  • U is for Nonsense an of sdob oytypwe and jahuewrh elytg
  • DOIV JK JO OP ㅑ9 ㅑ ㅐ.

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