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I might be dead, but if so, let it be known that I have internet access in heaven/hell. He is very fleshy and humanlike.

If it begins with 204.108, it is a 2+2 sock, if it begins with 121.210, it's my sock, if it begins with TUESDAY, it's the wrong sock.

Mustafa J. Political Correctness!

Stuff I do on Illogicopedia[edit]

Write articles, like any sane man. I have nothing yet. But there's always the Incubator. Also: User:XY007/IllogiReals

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About myself[edit]

Male symbol.png This user is member of the sex most often chosen to play the role of the Frankenstein monster in films.
This user believes in peace and love.

Hindley st.jpg This user is a Hindleyite.
This user is a fucking anarchist! Arrest this user-man, if you can!

RVS This user LOVES Roman votive statues.
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This user is a Legionnaire for Discontinuity, and has attracted the attention of Observer.

Awardings (to me)[edit]

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  XY007 has attained 1 stars.   The fish was nice. 


Klingontarg2.jpg This is a pet Klingon Targ for you!

I have also been credited with this. You know, if you haven't guessed yet, for me, it's all about the anarchy.

I hàvė no feațüres ÿet, but I beat Testostereich to the window where he was murdered. Also, if your name is Sophia, don't edit this page, otherwise I will have to revert it.


This user has tamed the mighty Bcbkye. Fear them, for they now know all your secrets!


If you disagree with community, you might just end up on this passenger list.


Government benefits for heavy metal addiction? What's next? Government benefits for Star Wars RP addiction?