...with SAVINGS!!!

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...with SAVINGS!!! is a film created by UnProductions in July 18th, 1931. The movie follows a Dutch mink farmer with laser beam eyes as he attempts to discover minks in the past. He fails. But he shouts, ...with SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!! Nobody knows what said savings are, but he dies later in 1939. At 2.07 am, the savings were discovered. Creatures decimated Broadway. Sonk. Snarf. Wat's jou naam? So sonk. So forget the sonkable eeble sonk. Because it's history. Fnord. Fnord. Fnord fnord fnord fnord fnord fnord no fnord. SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who like Satire, the benefactors at Uncyclopedia have an article about ...with SAVINGS!!!.