16 and Pregnant Spinoffs

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Everyone knows and loves 16 and Pregnant on MTV, but what about after they're sixteen? Why isn't there a show about that? We all get bored of watching girls underage getting impregnated by their douche bag boyfriend and we get bored of watching the kind of parents that allow their daughter to be on a show as prestigious as 16 and Pregnant. If you're anything like our view of America says you are, then you want more of these people's lives. So MTV has taken everything we think you've said and has decided to make a series of spinoffs of 16 and Pregnant. These let you go in-depth to see what it's like after giving birth and being a teen mother.

Spinoff 1: 17 and the School Whore[edit | edit source]

In this spinoff, we show the perpetual name-calling that occurs when a teen mother returns to school. We showcase the gossiping and show how "the school whore" is doing. We have interviews with former friends, the "whore" herself. We even have interviews with her teachers, to show how they honestly believe there is no hope for America, because there isn't. We have amazing scenes of the teenage mother trying to skip school to care for her unwanted child. This show is for those to see why having a baby at sixteen is so stupid rewarding.

Spinoff 2: 18 and Dropped Out[edit | edit source]

In this second spinoff, we examine when a teen mother drops out of high school to get a job and to care for her unwanted child. We interview employers to see exactly why she isn't job material. We show how she quickly develops bad smoking and drinking habits and begins to not care about her then two-year old child. The mother begins to struggle paying the bills and repeatedly asks her parents for money. They regularly refuse and she eventually finds a low-paying job. She often forgets her son or daughter at her Asian daycare facility. We were going to interview the babysitters, but they didn't speak enough English. The mother begins to neglect her child and we show how the child survives without care (yet do nothing about it).

Spinoff 3: 19 and Out of Work[edit | edit source]

In the third spinoff, we closely look at how the mother copes with job-loss. She is fired for missing to many days of work when she just "didn't feel like" getting out of bed". She refuses to enrol her son into preschool and moves into low-income housing. The living conditions are horrid and she begins to develop terrible eating habits and puts on a lot of weight while her son eats one meal a day. She regularly says things like, "You'll get some when I'm finished!" with a mouthful of food yet never actually is finished. She steals food stamps from her neighbors and buys excessive amounts of junk food that she eats the day she gets. Her smoking escalates to three packs a day which she steals from the crack addict Curtis from down the street. She applies for a job at McDonald's but is turned down due to, "Lack of room in the kitchen for such a big-ass body". She gets addicted to cocaine and starts to try harder drugs like heroin and PCP.

Spinoff 4: 20 and Addicted to Meth[edit | edit source]

In this riveting fourth spinoff, we showcase the mothers repeated meth abuse. How she takes her son's bedroom and uses it as an elaborate meth lab, which she doesn't leave for days at a time. Her smoking habits continue, and she nearly blows up the lab multiple times during the episode. We show her rapid weight loss and transformation from "Fat bitch" to "Daaaamn! She scary!" We follow her on a visit to the doctors to ask if they can remove "the bugs in [her] arms". Our riveting interview with the doctor illustrates that the mother is very unfit to be a parent and should get help at rehab. The mother immediately refuses and states, "I ain't goin'!" Her joblessness continues and her son must care for himself. She has locks on the inside of her doors to "keep the meth in".

Spinoff 5: 21 and Dead[edit | edit source]

In the final spinoff, the mother dies and leaves her unhappy and scarred child behind. We have exclusive coverage of the funeral and the custody battle between the father and the grandparents where, I swear, someone [dies]. Watch as the grandparents fall into financial trouble and end up giving the child to the father. We capture, from the child's perspective, violence physical abuse from his father; who too, was never loved. In this amazing final installment, you can see what it's like to be 21 and dead.