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ACHTUNG KOMMUNISTEN was a sign put on Ukraine in the 1930s to warn Germans about the people holding the ideology of peace and love meeting everyone's needs. But the Germans went in anyway. And then the Ukrainians helped the Germans because Ukrainians are EVIL BAD NOT GOOD people.[1] The Ukrainians, Georgians, and Soviets were all like a functional 1950's sitcom family with prohibited markets, but the Germans fucked that up, making them like a 2000's or 2010's talk show family (where people are like "You are a father!", "Oh despair! I am a father!", and "Cash me ousside.") The family finally split up in 1991, and DUN DUN DUN Guy was the one who made that happen.


  1. And if you're lucky, their president will be the first one to tell you he's glad to hear it from you.