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Once upon a time there was a young gentleman named Robert Sideswitch. He loved to play in the sandpit built for him by his mother, long since departed from this world thanks to Robert's unusual sexual fetishes. One day Robert was playing in the sandpit when a woman rose from the sand declaring her love for the Brazilian Leper Follower [1]. Robert couldn't get her to shut up so he decided to bury her in sand again, but she grabbed his arm and wouldn't let go. She dragged him under the sand with her and he suddenly found herself in a magical land that where the only colour was pink and the only thing to eat was sandwiches. He lived there forever and was never sad again.

The End.

The Meaning of the Story[edit]

There is nothing quite like stories. This is my favourite story in the world. It means a lot to me, in the same way that a jar of biscuits means a lot to a turtle and the way I mean a lot to nobody at all. It reminds me that one day we are all going to die and that sometimes we are all a bit like the woman who came out of the sandpit.

The Film of the Story That Came Out A Couple Of Years Ago That No-one Seems To Remember[edit]

I mean seriously. It was my directorial debut and it just got ignored. I hate film critics.


due to (un)popular demand - the next installment will be released in the year 1624.

Sic semper tyrannous

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  1. Once called "The Great