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Official Designation[edit | edit source]

A year is a unit of time.

It is 365.25 days.

For example: "The 4 Billion Year Blizzard of Poisonous Scorpions must have been a troublesome time for the human species."

Not to be confused with butterscotch.

In 2005, the length of one year has been changed to the amount of time between when you trip, and when your face actually hits the ground.

Chemical Properties[edit | edit source]

A year, when added to a day, becomes an old storytelling technique when old kings make requests to knights.

“You have a year and a day to find this princess!”

~ The King of Google to his knight, Bing

The year protein is made up of 12 month molecules, each of which is a polymer made up of 28-31 day subunits, which can be further subdivided into second atoms. Each month polymer is classified by the configuration of the second atoms, which have many secondary structures such as minutes and hours.

Other properties include a versatile change of heat regularly, noted as the winter and summer states of the protein.