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An Algoritm (also spelled Algorerythm) was an idea invented by Al Gore, the who MADE TEH INTARWEBZ, where you stick a number into an equation and you get a number out. Maybe a random number. Maybe something that makes you happy. IDK

This guy's a f**kin JENIUS!!1


Here is an example of AL GORE RULEZ an algorithm:


This example had more than one input. Limitations of this algorithm are:

  • Your shoe size must be greater than negative FORE

Here is a simplier example:


Where x is your input. This algorithm adds Chicagotwo.png to x.

I'llgowithems in Programming (See wat I did thar)[edit]

Programmers use algorithms frequently. Here is an example of a C++ program that uses an algorithm to estimate the number of spitballs in a given middleschool classroom:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
    int classCode, substState, hour, min;

    // Get user input.

    cout << endl << "Enter classCode: "; // College class, like 098 is actually a high school course
    cin >> classCode;
    cout << endl << "Enter subtitute teacher state: "; // 0 or 1, false or true...
    cin >> substState;
    cout << endl << "Enter hour (military time): "; // Military to avoid loop-around
    cin >> hour;
    cout << endl << "Enter minutes: "; // It DOES matter
    cin >> min;
    if (hour == 0 && min == 0) {

        cout << endl << endl << "Number of spitballs undefined. << endl << endl;

    } else {

        cout << endl << endl << "Average number of spitballs in the room is: " << 
        ((classCode + (substState * 5)) / (hour + (0.52 * min))) << endl << endl;


    return 0;


Note that the number of spitballs at 0:00 in military time is undefined. This is because if you divide by zero, your paper—or in this case your computer—WILL BURST INTO FLAMES!!1

Famous Algorithms[edit]

Famous algorithms include the answer to life, the universe, and everything, which outputs 42.

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