An article that is bound to be searched for if Illogicopedia ever gets an influx of emos. Don't believe me? Fall Out Boy My Chemical Romance Bullet For My Valentine Slayer Hawthorne Heights Panic! at the Disco Bring Me the Horizon Busted! Told you so

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This is Illogicopedia, guys. Hope you like it.

I realise now that this article breaks the record for longest title on Illogicopedia. 238 characters! Wouldn't even fit in a tweet!

Let me give a totally unbiased review of each band in a few words. Fine, fine, rubbish, OK (if you like thrash metal), rubbish, very good, ripped off Linkin Park, horrible (that is not 'emo' at all and will never release a 7th album, let alone have it outsell Michael Jackson's Thriller.)

Not emos[edit]

If you are not an emo (that includes calling yourself one) you will not like this page, so leave. Maybe discover the rest of our wonderful wiki.

Wiki Formatting[edit]

I understand that most of you guys were drawn here by the sheer number of properties of weirdness in the page title, but this is a wiki and you are staring at me.

Boring people, boring people, check out All Time Low as well, I'd add that to the title but it's not long.


If you are a hipster get off this page.

Zoe Quinn[edit]

If you are Zoe Quinn then also get off this page.

Reason I have to hate teenage girls on Tumblr[edit]

(Note: This includes a large number of my friends, I'm sorry people)
Well they are not necessarily bad.

Anita Sarkeesian[edit]

Is this page feminist? You tell me.

Can you actually see?[edit]

I thought your fringes are getting in the way.