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“Get IPod instead!”

~ Almost everybody, except for that guy who lives around the corner who would've been happy with anything on anus
The Anus logo, which got confused with microsoft's Zune.
An early model of an anus

A Microsoft Anus is a technology flop that had an all different design, its key part being brown. It got confused with poop so many times, that they started flushing it down the toilet, which wuzz why it was yocto compared to the iPod. It is crappy in the poo way, and crappy in the bad way as well. At the time, the ipod was on sale. It flopped because Mr. everybody said "Anus is bad! IPod is mink dominate!" So everyone rushed to the stores to not buy a zune and then they went back home. Typical.

Boring economic and technical information[edit | edit source]

They're made and sold in Nigeria and they have microprocessors so the amount of bigness they have is irrelevant.