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This award is awarded to the best talk page comment / topic or the best forum topic / comment every month. Lol look at that abbrevation. Haha. IOTM is still kind of pronouncable but BTPTTPCFTFCM... Lol. See here for the archive and here for the template.

There is voting currently taking place below this template, So here are the voting basics:
  • Users are permitted one vote each.
  • Please clearly state whether your addition is a for, an against or a comment.
  • Remember to sign and to update the vote count.
  • Nominations count as a vote for unless specified as "Neutral" or "Against".
  • Take care not to overdo self-nomination.
  • If you wish to change your vote, then cross out the previous using the <s> tags.
  • Frog-infested pineapples are not allowed in the voting area until they have been de-frogged.
Click here for more details

Nominations for Yoon[edit]