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Bafa Bafa is a commonly used derogative term (and equally hideous language) used by AR (Arts and Religion) teachers and his/her students to express an extremely astounding unknowingness of why people sneeze when you shove an apple up their nose. This typically occurs when you are forced to pretend to be a trader traveling alongside Marco Polo through the Silk Road and asking questions such as, "Is there such a thing as blinkers fluid?" and "Is that a Lamborghini I see in the distance?" while juggling cherry bombs dipped in chocolate. This is subsequently followed by an intense trading frenzy where you adopt a strictly observed common language of trading with playing cards in which you use the first letters of your first and last name, and you use the first vowel second. For instance: if Melville Amsterdam were to be put in a home and eventually put down, he'd have to say, "MeAe MeAe Me Di!" It means that he was asking for a 5 of Diamonds in exchange for iOS X.

Examples of Usage[edit | edit source]

Mars Cadbury = MaCa

Thom Yorke = ToYo

John Boehner = JoBo

Raggle Fraggle = RaFa

Freddy Fazbear = FeFa

Monsignor Peaches = MoPe