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Template:Cocknock Bahá'í humour was a style of humour that directed its jokes towards odd noises and flawless teamwork. The whole point of it wasn't to entertain other people, in fact, the so called "jokes" people told didn't even make sense, much less be funny.

This type of humour, in a nutshell, required at least three people, one to mumble incomprehensible sounds that could be words of African descent or something, one to laugh once the mumbling was finished, and one to receive both the mumbling without comprehension and to acquire jealousy once he realizes that the second person understands and he doesn't. With this lack of seeming knowledge of "[w]hat the fork that jumbled mess meant", the person (or persons) would desperately attempt to find out what it meant from the two people by any means possible, including bribes, favors, and drug smuggling, which in turn would make the two people laugh because they would do anything to find out that, in fact, they just got "prank'd".

Why this type of humour was utilized is unbeknownst to me; instead of scheming and plotting to trick some slow chumps I would rather eat cheese. Nonetheless, pesky teenagers often in junior high school would use this type of humour to satisfy themselves in some way.

Usage[edit | edit source]

As explained above the following jokes require three or more persons.

Person 1: Jingal unio murhmnu bahbismo eeble brrmmmmusingto jing ling turmphg!

Person 2 laughs hysterically.

Person 3: What does that mean? I demand to know! I'll do anything for you! Can I shine your shoes? Give you all of my bank account numbers?

With this example we can see that the benefits of using Bahá'í humour are immense. You can use it a tool to create a mindless army that abides to anything that you say.

Other Stuff[edit | edit source]

Many people wonder were the "Bahá'í" term came from. I really don't know for certain, but my theory is that they found it by hitting randumb page on Wikipedia a bunch of times.

Also, most people wonder why teenagers are the common culprit. The answer itself is simple: they can find no other way to satisfy themselves in life because they are stupid, annoying, and utterly lame. Therefore, they team up with their hypothetical "friend" and use Bahá'í humour to give themselves a false sense of satisfaction.

Or they just have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives and use Bahá'í humour to cry themselves to sleep.

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