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  Exceedingly bad/offensive/groan-worthy/self-made  


Guy 1: Did'ya here about that mental institute they converted into a nightclub?
Guy 2: What?!? That's Raving Mad!
Guy 1: You know, I also heard they forced the inmates to make the music.
Guy 2: Looney Tunes.
Guy 3: You guys are sick!

Wheel Chairs[edit]

Guy 1: Hey, why do the handicapped need lawyers?
Guy 2: I dunno, why?
Guy 1: Because they can't stand up for themselves. Geddit?
Police: Alright, sonny, you're coming with me.
(typical arrest scene ensues)

Hero Time[edit]

Guy 1: Did you know General Mao is a superhero?
Guy 2: Say whut? No he isn't.
Guy 1: 'Course he is. He has a super power, therefore he's a superhero.
Guy 2: Huh? What superpower does he have?
Guy 1: China.
Guy 2: ....... what? That's not a super power, that's a country.
Guy 1: Ah, but you see the nation of China is one of the World's political and economical "Super Powers."
Guy 2: I hope you die.

The Taglatelli is always greener on the other side[edit]

Guy 1: Hey Bert, did you hear about the controversy surrounding our school caterers?
Guy 2: No. Why, what happened?
Guy 1: Well, inspectors came to check if the Pasta vender our school use was giving us the required nutrition. Y'know, seeing if we got one of our five a day from it.
Guy 2: Oh yeah, what happened.
Guy 1: It turned out we weren't getting nearly enough vegetables and our school was forced to look for pastas anew.
Guy 2: (sighs)

Guess What?[edit]

Guy 1: Hey, guess what?
Guy 2: (irritated) What?
Guy 1: I've got another joke for you.
Guy 2: Grrrrrrr.
Guy 1: .....Why are you looking at me like that? Ot oh!
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