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Please skip this somehow.

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whatever, you'll have to banter with the code until your head becomes blue. ahahah blue get it?


  Back to normal.  

Now, Let's do this 70,000 times


  70K time later...  

Now back to the american shit.[edit | edit source]

Best part[edit | edit source]

bandit farting.
Daddy Robot's love of Mummy Robot.

Life lesson[edit | edit source]

Always make unnecessary commands to a robot. They like it.

Episode[edit | edit source]

  This section is semi-logical; it is meant to be. Prepare to be semi-bored.  
  Semi-Sensible Section  

Starts liek always: TIME TO TIDY UP THE PLAYROOM

The girls turn Bandit Heeler into a robot. He can clean up the playroom alot, lol.

They ordered DR to clean the playroom while they sit on the IllogiCouch. Bluey and Bingo said this was a gud idea and never wanted to clean their playroom EVER!!!!!!!1!!!1!1!

This was gud, till Bluey "purposely" sprayed Daddy Robot with the Cleanser, causeing him to malfunction. It happened while Mum was cleaning her plants.[1] Then:


I hate python. worst programming language of All Time

You are in a cult.[I Don't Believe This]


Now, Bluey and Bingo have to get Chili, and turn her into Mummy Robot, so they can shut down Daddy Robot. But it's too late. Daddy Robot falls in love with Mummy Robot under consent of "Cheese and Crackers!". Then he perfoms a cringe Irish dance-plea called "It's hard to see something like that." Until finally, Mummy Robot shuts him down, and herself down, back into Chili again.

Then, Daddy Robot toots. Parp.

Now, Mum's operating on DR. The girls explained why it was their fault that he glitched out.

Eventually, DR and MR are watching the girls clean the playroom[2] and they learned their lesson, OR DID THEY?

Also, DR and MR kissed.[3]

What next?[edit | edit source]

Bluey becoming Bluey Robot and Bingo becoming Bingo Robot.

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • This was the first zneek peek of Bluey on ABC Kids.[look it up yourself]
  • The ending was an easter egg stolen from Total Recall.
  • This is the first time Bandit Farted in the series
  • Bingo read the title card of this episode

Ugh, yes this was semi-real. But still, fictional.

why did I make this, that santicks error broke my EeePeeCee.

Noot noot[edit | edit source]

  2. under the girls' consent
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