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“FINALLY! Someone creates an article on the beloved Bandit Heeler!”

“Oh, biscuits!”

~ Uncle Pete on this article

Oooooh! You guys "wanted it", you "get it", I guess...


Bandit Heeler is (surprisingly) not part of an evildoer's foot. Bandit is the father to Bluey Heeler and Bingo Heeler. He is also the husband to Chili Heeler. Bandit is not the greatest father, often leaving his family for weeks on end only to come back drunk and high. When Bandit does spend time with his family it's usually because he has come across a bout of flatulence. He is a vile prankster and an absent father. BANDIT is NOT FIT TO HAVE CHILDRENǃǃǃ Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

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Because of their so-called intelligence, the so-called experts at Wikipedia will never have a proper article about Bandit Heeler. We are sorry they are blatantly retarded.

Bandit Heeler is probably one of the best dads on Earth! He makes anyone's day.[Original Bullshit]

Also, I hear he likes to "fluffy" (breaking wind) a lot, too.

The funniest thing he did ever was do that dad-blessed "pull my finger" joke on Bingo.[Look at this photograph~ Every time I do it makes me cringe~ How did our eyes get so green?~ And what the frick is on Bluey's head?~]


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