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REMINDER AS OF MAY 13, 2015 (SORRY THAT I DIDN'T NOTIFY YOU GUYS EARLIER): This article is about the original Player (who used the alias "Boris" due to his relationship with Natasha), not to be confused with the character of the same name who was meant to be a direct clone of him on the mobile version of Terraria.

Good evening, fellows and welcome to a documentation about a great hero! He's like the others, but he's a tad different from them. A tad.

Creation, la la la[edit]

Boris jumping.png

Sometime in early 2011, a man by the name of Andrew had an idea to make a nice action platformer for PCs. He needed some mascots, so he came with the fundamental three: Greeny, a tree, and our hero Boris the Soviet Love Hammer or just Boris for short. He would serve as a stand-in for another individual like him, or become a hero. Most people assume his form due either from laziness or admiration. Of all that go, only one is sent to defend his realm.

The Chosen One[edit]

Sometime in the summer of 2013, an individual by the name of Alex made a regular player character with the highly unoriginal name of "Player". Then again, he was busy maintaining the doilies. He would serve as a stand-in for him when he didn't have the time to bring himself to the courtship. Later, he was made into something more; someday, he may go on his first adventure!

His First Adventure[edit]

Natasha, the girlfriend of Boris.

Boris has existed longer than Alex's own character, just to clarify.
Sometime during the end of the year 2012, he recieved word that someone was going to make the world go kaboom! It was up to him and his newfound lady friend, Natasha, to save it from disaster! After long periods of time fighting evil creatures, they approached the guy himself- Will, who was the subject of a few comics relating to their subject manner. They had a brief sword fight which resulted in victory for the good guys! Turns out that Will was infatuated with dark power and it was released following his death. He has joined them, serving as comic relief. As tempting as it is to bring up his adventures, we'll save them for another article.

In Earth[edit]

Boris (Terraria).png

Alex made the first plush of Boris, giving it a unique voice and personality to distinguish it from the impending leagues of others that would be produced. He really loves the default, using him to improve upon the versatility of the plush. These innovations include the ability to squeak when squeezed, to store liquids at room temperature, to resist water when you're taking one for a swim, or mimicking their in-universe counterparts.

As Cuisine[edit]

He also adapted himself in the form of cakes, cookies, and lollipops that are sold across the nation in random locations. Despite these items being favored across all demographics, he's unlikely to reach the popularity of the truffle-goat cheese-gold foil burger anytime soon. Eventually, he'll find a way.

The Soul of Vallejo[edit]

Speaking about that other guy, he has been confirmed to be the manifestation of the famed artist Boris Vallejo in Terraria. He is known for frequently drawing nude and semi-nude characters in his paintings. Within those paintings, he embodies himself with the traits embodied in them such as bravery and productivity. He's still alive, though!

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