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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This mostly applies to the old Vim. The new Vim is slightly different, such as in hairstyle. But the old Vim and his world were corrupted.

For Vim is the greatest character in history's fair land.

Normally I (XY007) am a pretty down-to-earth character OK? But sometimes in my adventures through unfamiliar territory, I take on a new character, one that is decidedly less humble, called Vim (after Vim soap and other products, not the text editor).

Vim can't exist on this regular earth. He can only exist in dreams, and fantasy worlds.

Some of his many adventures[edit | edit source]

Since May 2013, when he was first discovered by me (XY007), he has gone on many different adventures, sometimes assuming my name (but it's not really me), sometimes called Vim. For instance, he has saved a man from sexual harassment and become a national hero in Estonia, with a week-long public holiday observed for him, rescued a girl from being hit by a train, and also reported thieves of many artworks to police.

He is still going at it. But I (XY007) say that you should address him only as Vim, because he is not me. I could never do such things.

He explores the mighty caverns of lead.

His signature weapon is his Keen Enchanted Boomerang, which he uses to fight all kinds of enemies.

Eeble. sonk. Snarf.

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