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A break is an irregular gimblecrumb between, most commonly, a message from space and a big fat wall of text. It cannot dance.

Notable species of breaks[edit | edit source]

Lunch breaks[edit | edit source]

Did I say lunch breaks? Sorry, I meant launch breaks. That was an order. You have to launch breaks into my garage, which is in the 6th dimension. And I don't have all day, either.

Breakbeats[edit | edit source]

What does break beat? Break beats your ass at Adventure Quest, boyeee!

Bedroom Breaks[edit | edit source]

One of the many cover arts of Bedroom Breaks.

Is an album by a musician by the pseudonym of Riajuu. I only added this because I like the album (TV Tropes calls this "author appeal", TV Forms calls it "theory of self-inflicted bias, which is always wrong, as if it's on the internet, it should be impersonal and lack opinion").

Bathroom breaks[edit | edit source]

main article: Poop

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