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A collective voice cries out : "we were promised jet packs!" but there was no answer.

Man on onset of vomit rests on railings behind charity shop.

An excerpt from a conversation in a hotel lobby in Oregon: "-en f-"...

A bit of a rough landing. But where did the boxes go?

He turns to his side, nodding in agreement. "If I didn't know any better, m'lady, I'd say there's so much more to it than them there roundabouts." The train arrives.

The soft pang of urine gets stronger the closer you get, DAD.

A pigeon becomes alert to something three feet away.

"We're all out of those."

Looking at a mossy stone by a wooden fence, you hear 0.7 seconds of a classical piece playing from a window up ahead. You think it was uptempo, and out of tune on the radio station.

A ball of dough hits a wooden floorboard.

She looks closer, squinting. Did it just change colour?

"Just think of it as electric wallpaper." Well, yes, that was the function!

There's no tangible link, the young widow thought, but I just know there's something there.

...hit a barrel twice. And the only witness was a moth. The shame was in the leftover salt grinders...?

No problems so far on the opening night. But this is just the start. Something isn't there that should be.

"That was all far too vague, except for that candyfloss bit."