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Cheesyium (not to be confused with Cheesium) is the type of corn element, that involves a cheesy corn. Essentially, it is one of those 'rare earths'. Like, as in, what you find in a sample of sand from a Ukrainian beach.

A poem about Cheesyium[edit]


I mean, they trust me, they hush me, to handle elements. Like a box of elephants, in two-tonne paradise, who will roll the dice, can you sing this faster than a hundred words per minute? I'm certainly not in it, he's in his element, not this element, but those two-tonne elephants, stop the boats, he gets his votes, getting the election in a certain section of town, riding the highway down, this is only my way now, but there's a thing which I found out, roundabout now, it's a thing with the cheese and corn, so easy worn, and it's called Cheesyium.

More uses for Cheesyium[edit]

You can combine it with all other corns to form a material molecularly known as 'Popcorn'.

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