Christmas Tree

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A Christmas tree thingy.

 t         a 
 s                   s 
 i                              t 
 r                                        r 
 h                                                 e 

A    C                                                          e    is a tree that you put on your head and walk with it there all the way to Las Vegas.


Origin of the Christmas tree[edit]

Well it all started when this guy put a pine tree on his head and walked to Las Vegas. When he got there, he realized that the tree on his head looked cool, but he didn't have enough money to start a business selling the trees. So he went into a casino and went to a slot machine.

To make a long story short: He won a million dollars.

So he started selling the trees. Everyone loved them. But they got named Christmas trees when the highest profit ever was made on Christmas Day, because people wanted to put them in their lounge rooms. End of story.