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“ERROR 404: Computer screen not found. Have you tried looking directly in front of you?”

~ Informative help message

“Computer the sum.”

~ Somebody's math test, because apparently, contrary to what you may have been taught, "computer" is actually a verb.
A victorian screen saver

Computers are People Friends! They are made of Logics and Lightning, and they talk like robots with a monotone voice.

Good computers Know how to play games and sing songs! People Should Get Computers!! Anything that is made of computers must be super smart! And nowadays, if it has a screen, it's probably made of computers, so that everything will be super smart!!

The Screen Size / Speed Ratio[edit]

This is a well known fact of computer science. The bigger the screen is, the faster the computer will go. That's why in the movie WarGames, the important thoughts the computer was thinking was on the big screens, and the less important thoughts were showing on the little screens. Bill Gates knows this!! So if you buy a bigger screen, you will have a faster computer and can enter a race! Send moniez!!

Windows and Computer is the Same Thing![edit]

Yes, it's true! A "computer" and a "windows operating system" are actually one and the same! Anyone who insists that they are different is trying to confuse you.

The Internet[edit]

Main article: Internet

The Internet is an evil, evil, evil thing that no good parent will ever let their kids know even exists!! If your kids know what the internet is, you have failed in your job as a parent. You shouldn't know what it is either!

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