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Stuff is happening.
Like cheese raining from the sky and participating in the annual remote control wars.

However, it's all goin' on at the Illogiblog, so you'll have to wander over there.

Calling all multilinguists![edit | edit source]

Recently, the first alternative language Illogicopedia, Irratiopedia, was created. The Illogicopedia plans to expand its languages project and if you can speak French, German, Spanish or any language other than English, you can help!

Currently foreign language articles held on Illogicopedia are listed in the Illogicopedia in other languages category. If enough interest in a particular language is generated, a full wiki may be requested.

Otherwise, we encourage users that can be bothered to create portals for languages, linking to all articles in that language. Your help can make the Illogicopedia multilingual.

Writing competition[edit | edit source]


It's Illogicopedia's first writing competition.

The Illogicomedia weblog[edit | edit source]

The latest from the 'blog about what's happening in the Illogicopedia community.

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And that's it.[edit | edit source]

Seriously, though, do something else.